IPCC has released its latest climate change report

Available here.

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Wynne’s China Mission

It has been reported that the Ontario Premier’s China mission will create 1795 jobs. This is a stunning display of precision in job creation accounting. Thankfully no fractions were used. Let see how many will be filled under the TFW program. 1800 maybe?

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Atlantic City

A tale of boom and bust and a cautionary tale for all those who think casinos are the answer to ailing local economies. Full read in the Globe and Mail here.

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Oil Prices and Canadian GDP

The Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, has said that the lower oil prices will reduce the economic growth in 2015 by 0.5%. To put this in perspective this represents 1/5 of the total growth that was forecasted for the year. According to him Canada needs at least 2% economic growth.

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Slate has an extremely interesting article on the earnings of Uber drivers. Uber’s claims of driver median income of 90k are being looked up and found extremely wanting. The article details how much the company charges its drivers per ride. There are 3 levels of service with an increasing level of commission: 20 percent on UberX, 25 percent on UberBlack, and 28 percent on UberSUV.

The article calculates that a driver makes on average 12 dollars an hour. Quite terrible considering this is almost minimum wage in Ontario which as of June 1st it is 11$. Add to that the depreciation of the car and the disruption is more along the lines of the graph in the post below.

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Trickle Up Economics

The following graph, obtained from here, tells you all you need to know about “trickle down economics” in the US. After 1980 is actually … trickle up.


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US News Global University Rankings

US News has published a ranking of global universities. The list, available here, contains the usual Canadian suspects lead by UoT at 14. My alma mater, UofO, is at 194. Canadian university standings are are as follow (first column is the overall rank):

14 University of Toronto Canada North America
30 University of British Columbia Canada North America
44 McGill University Canada North America
96 University of Montreal Canada North America
108 University of Alberta Canada North America
141 McMaster University Canada North America
194 University of Ottawa Canada North America
203 University of Calgary Canada North America
230 University of Western Ontario Canada North America
234 Laval University Canada North America
244 University of Waterloo Canada North America
287 Simon Fraser University Canada North America
297 Queen’s University Canada North America
316 University of Victoria Canada North America
343 Dalhousie University Canada North America
351 University of Manitoba Canada North America
385 York University Canada North America
390 University of Guelph Canada North America
473 University of Saskatchewan Canada North America
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